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A great team culture is central to success in our clubs and businesses. Learn how I create change with the organisations I work with.

In this video Paul Mead shows you how to develop a strong culture for your team.

My latest for Business Growth

19 March 2018

The rules have changed

The ways we do business with our customers has changed due to social networks, internet enabled transactions and the emergence of the millennial generation who has been raised on their experiences with Apple and Amazon. There is a new reality. The customer owns the relationship with you as a business, not you the business owner any more. This is called a Me 2 Business (Me2B) approach, as opposed to Business to Consumer (B2C).

My latest for Leaders

22 August 2017

Make better decisions

​Making decisions is something we, as humans, do every day. Sometimes we get them right and other times we don’t. So why do we get decisions wrong and why do others, seemingly have ‘good luck’ and make good decisions most of the time.

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