We know why club volunteers are stressed, coaches are struggling and you have no money in your club bank account!

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I help stressed out volunteers and business owners in the sport, recreation and fitness industries find more members and build more profitable clubs and businesses.

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A culture of success reduces stress

A great team culture is central to success in our clubs and businesses. Learn how I create change with the organisations I work with.

In this video Paul Mead shows you how to develop a strong culture for your team.

My latest for Coaches

02 March 2017

How to Get a Team that Performs, Not Storms

​It is at this time of the year when new teams have been bought together that cracks start to show. Whether that is on the sporting field, in the boardroom or where you work. The honeymoon period and excitement of starting something new and being around certain team members starts to wear thin. So what is your role as a coach in this process of team development to ensure you can break through to achieve your vision?

My latest for Sports Leaders

28 March 2017

Leading People – Like your life depended on it

​How do you survive as a leader in today’s competitive world, where everyone is claiming to be an expert in some thing or another? My answer – be a great generalist leader.

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