About me

I am passionate about performance and finding the broken parts and patterns in your team and business that need fixing.

Why I do what I do

Excellent leadership is required to lead exceptional teams, and successful businesses need exceptional teams. But often, our business and community leaders lack fundamental leadership skills.

There are seven skills that very successful leaders need to master, no matter what industry. When we have exceptional leaders, our team members lives and our community is undoubtedly richer due to this leadership.

I believe we need to nurture exceptional leadership as a cornerstone to creating strategically successful businesses and organisations.

Thank you so much to both of you for your time and energy on Saturday. I know that there was lots of positive feedback from people that attended the morning session, and those that were at the afternoon session have acknowledged how valuable it actually was for the League. Darwin Roller Girls

How I help you

How I help you

I’m a Performance Consultant and award winning leader.

I increase the performance of leaders and businesses everyday, by:

  • Creating more strategically focussed leaders;
  • Building stronger teams; and
  • Creating sustainable businesses and organisations.

The journey so far…

The journey so far…

I have had, to date, a unique strategic business, government, teaching and consultancy journey. Having served 11 years in the NZ Army, operating in some of the most volatile places in the world, it gave me a set of skills I rely on today. The Military is a high performance environment that sporting teams, leaders and businesses frequently look towards to gain insight into competitive gains.

Since leaving the Army, I have helped many leaders become stronger and build better teams and businesses (including NFP clubs and organisations) become more profitable through understanding the true value they provide the community.

My Passion

I have won a National award for my leadership and I am part of an international coaching group that supports our clients across a range of industries, building strategically successful businesses.

My professional passions are...

  • Coaching people to become better leaders and increase the performance of their businesses, no matter what industry.
  • Creating a stronger community through physical activity.

My clients are provided with experience and knowledge that is hard to rival.

Interested in working with me?

Could your team or business benefit from my direct involvement? Get in touch today and let's see how I can help.

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