25 October, 2018

2007 Changed Your Business

2007 Changed Your Business

29th June 2007. Something happened then that disrupted business and disrupted the world. The advent of the iPhone. Things started to change from there. Customer expectations changed - our customers now want and expect things at their fingertips, they're impatient, they want their lives to be made easy.

Your customer figures this out by using a centre of relevance. That's how they measure how easy and beneficial a product or a service should be.

Compared to everyone else, where do you sit on the centre of relevance?

If you're no longer giving them easy benefits at their fingertips then you're using relevancy in their sphere.

I think this is affecting so many businesses today, particularly around that customer journey piece. If we're not taking people through from being a not-yet buyer to a now buyer in a relevant way, we'll lose them.

Really map out your customer journey and see where all of those pain points are that you cause for your customers. If you start to solve that then you're going to start to become more relevant.

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