19 January, 2017

2017 - My year of focus

2017 - My year of focus


Strategy is the development of plans, based on reasonable assumptions, to achieve a long-term goal or objective. In order to develop effective strategy, critical thinking and reflection on what has gone well and what has failed is required. It is an evolving beast!

I want to share something with you, based on what a guy, James Clear (read some of his blogs here), does. Sharing my journey with you enables me to learn and plan and be held accountable, whilst also maybe sharing something of benefit too. Many of you know that the best way to learn is to teach someone else.

I took some time out over the Xmas and New Year period and this allowed my brain to decompress and for me to reflect on what 2016 was and was not! Below are my top three failures and successes. It is this reflection that has allowed me to start 2017 with a clear focus on the path I need to be taking towards success – developing my strategy for long-term success.

I would encourage you to do a similar exercise as you get back into work and into your clubs, before you start just running on that treadmill of trying to keep up.

2016 – The year of learning

2016 was, for me, a year in which lots failed – but it was also a year in which I learnt an immense amount about business, sport and life!

The failures

Here are three of my top business failures from 2016:

  • Rushing into things: I rushed into too many things, thinking that I could pull off events and ideas with too little time to plan and deliver. I was lucky that this didn’t cost me too much financially or in reputation. But it did cost me my time and lots of frustration.
  • Too many insignificant people: I let people who are insignificant get inside my head. These were people who don’t share the same passion for change and work ethic as me. I gave them too much of my thinking time.
  • Lack of focus: I lacked focus on what was important in my business, chasing too many opportunities that didn’t really fit. Chasing opportunities gave me an understanding of how much potential there is out there, but many of these opportunities were dead ends.

The successes

So what about the successes? Well they mirror the failures.

  • Academy of Sport: The things that took a lot longer to deliver and plan than I first anticipated have turned out to be amazing. My Academy of Sport took six months longer than I thought it would, but I am extremely happy with the result. This will help me deliver the change to the sports community that I see is needed to a national and international audience.
  • Passionate leaders: I have met some people over the course of the year who share my passion for great leadership and who want to be a part of the journey to improve our sports community. My national leadership award reaffirmed to me that I was on the right track.
  • The need to evaluate: By the end of the year, my exhaustion meant that I had no choice but to reevaluate the business and develop some focus for 2017. The development of my business and our sports community is not for want of opportunities, it is for want of focus. This focus means that 2017 is looking towards larger successes.

2017 – The year of focus

So what can you expect from me for 2017?

  • I am committed to helping the sports community grow, through the continual development of My Academy of Sport. You can expect:
    • One high quality blog per month (starting at the end of January) to come out to you, linked to more free resources around that blog inside the Academy.
    • Videos with people from my network each month talking about leadership, athlete development and organisational excellence.
    • Products and resources to be added to the Academy on a regular basis.
  • My focus will be on developing a number of key products and resources that bring the best of my network together to deliver support that you otherwise might not have been able to afford or had access to. I have short listed 35 of my over 500 LinkedIn contacts to be part of these next steps.
  • I will be leaving behind those who don’t want to be part of the journey. They can no longer take up valuable space in my brain!

Your action steps

So what about you? In order to be a part of this journey, here is what you need to do.

  • Write down one thing that you want to change within your sporting club, your coaching journey or your volunteerism with your club, based on your 2016 experiences.
  • Be bold, like I have, and share it with me – Post your goal here on our Facebook page. Taking 10 minutes to reflect on where you failed and where you want to be successful increases your chances of achieving that goal by 42% (Read Michael Hyatt’s blog here).
  • Sign up to My Academy of Sport (it’s free to sign up) and be a part of the journey to make the change towards what you want to become.

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