12 March, 2018

How to breathe fire with your current marketing

How to breathe fire with your current marketing

How to make marketing easy

Marketing is about one thing in business, but many business owners get confused and give up, which is understandable. But what if you were given the tools that allowed you to breath fire and have an audience willing to engage with you?

Marketing helps facilitate the buying process.

It has three parts to it:

  1. To define what is important to your potential customers;
  2. To educate your potential customers; and
  3. To provide proof of value.

What happens though, is that too many business owners focus on the tactical side of marketing. This is the ‘putting something on Facebook everyday’, running Google adword campaigns, asking for referrals etc.

Tactical marketing is about the execution. But without a plan, then the execution is going to be flawed. Strategic marketing is where business owners should be starting, but most business owners feel they are failing in this area.

Strategic marketing is working out what you say and how you say it, to ensure that your message facilitates a buying decision and pushes people along the buyer’s journey.

Conveying the right message is important, because there are two sides to your business.

Firstly, there is the inside reality. This is the value that you provide to your customers and why your current customers do business with you.

Secondly, there is the outside reality. This is the perception of those outside your current customer base and what they see your business as, through your marketing.

Most businesses outside perception is not an accurate reflection of their inside reality.

Next Monday, we are going to focus on how do you grab your prospective customers’ attention so that your message stands out from the 5,000 marketing messages we are exposed to each day. This is simple when you know how!

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