25 August, 2019

Guidance Points for Leaders #2

Guidance Points for Leaders #2

[Photo credit: The U.S. Army]

Following on from my first blog on Guidance Points for Leaders, I found another document in my Army files with another 27 guidance points for young leaders from the RSM. These Regimental Sargent Majors have usually been around for at least 20+ years, so the stories they have are endless and I am sure they gather at the bar on a Friday afternoon to compare notes about young Lieutenants and soldiers.

I think that these points apply well to the so-called civilian world and young and old leaders could probably learn a thing or two from these RSM’s.

So here goes with a few more pieces of gold for leaders…

  1. Don’t come in with a ‘I know it all attitude’
  2. When you change something, ensure the change is explained well to your team leaders, otherwise it has a poor chance of success
  3. Most people are pretty good at understanding and accepting of mistakes so long as there are not too many and they are not the same. Be forgiving of yourself. Accept the fact you as a leader will make mistakes. Be honest, accept and own the mistake and move on. Don’t repeat it!
  4. Leadership is about what you do. Lead by example. Your team must be led, not managed.
  5. Set your standard as soon as possible and don’t lower it. It is harder to maintain a high standard than a low one, but don’t be tempted to take the easy road – it will bite you in the long run.
  6. You have two ears and one mouth, they should be used in proportion.

Being given the opportunity to lead is an amazing privilege and should not be underestimated. You have been given the opportunity and responsibility to affect other people’s lives – whether that is a positive or negative experience for those you lead depends on your application to the challenge.

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