26 March, 2018

How to engage with your customers

How to engage with your customers

On average, we are exposed to over 5,000 marketing messages, every single day. So how do you stand out as a business?

Research has shown that to get someone to make a purchasing decision it can take many businesses well over 75 touch points – or 75 times that a prospective customer must see your marketing, before they are ready to buy. 75 TIMES! For small business, that is just not sustainable.

But what if there was a formula that could cut this to 5 – 12 touch points? Well, this is what I have found works for every single industry.

People buy on emotion and justify on logic. This means that you must find their emotional hot button in your making BEFORE making them an offer to buy.

Here is the formula you need to use…

Interrupt – An attention grabbing message that snaps your prospective customer out of ‘downtime’ and into ‘uptime’– this connects with them emotionally. This makes them pay attention to your upcoming message.

Engage – This promises that information is forthcoming on how to solve a problem they have, or give them something they want, but don’t yet have. This further highlights their emotional hot button.

Educate – Give them information to logically understand how and why you will solve their problem.

Offer – Present them a low or no risk way to take the next step in the sales process.

This is called the conversion equation. If you use this on every marketing message you will see your engagement increase.

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Next blog we are going to talk about how you can use this to place yourself in a market dominating position.

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