04 August, 2015

My Coaching Philosophy

My Coaching Philosophy

I bring to coaching a range of life skills and experiences that I use to influence my coaching style and philosophy. These key points I keep at the fore-front of my mind when I’m planning, coaching and reflecting.

  • Be firm but fair.
  • Respect the individual I am coaching so I might earn their respect.
  • Understand the individuals culture, experiences and way of life.
  • Don’t always seek immediate results. The lesson learnt one day may not be realised until much further down track of the individual’s life.
  • Be empathetic to the individual’s situations, but help them learn about the real world too.
  • Enjoy my coaching, so the individuals enjoy me coaching them.
  • Be prepared for each session, but be flexible enough for change.

My Reflections

My patience and resolve will be tested throughout my coaching journey, particularly with youth athletes. This is just life and I must accept that. I cannot change their lives immediately in the few hours I see them per week. I can however plant the seed for them to consider changing their behaviour and pattern of life for the future.

Being firm and fair, which may at times mean that the individual fails. However the fact that they experience failure may mean that they learn another lesson about consequences and life in the ‘real world’ and how to deal with that failure and turn it into achieveing success.

It will take time for athletes to trust me as a coach. They might be uncertain of me and what my motives are. However over time, as mutual respect is earnt, a strong relationship built on trust and understanding can be built. Honesty, good communication and sticking to my coaching philosophy is essential. 

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