24 March, 2016

Solve my Problems, Now!

Solve my Problems, Now!

Photo Credit: Brainchild Associates

Volunteering is too hard for many, not because they haven’t got the skills or the time, but because their attitude determines their circumstance. You can’t find enough volunteers to be on your committee or help out around the club. It is not that there aren’t people out there; it is your attitude that needs to change first in order to change the circumstance.

So don't ask me to solve your problems, until you solve your attitude :-)

I enjoy reading and currently do a lot of reading of other people’s blogs. One such person is James Clear. His article this week speaks about living in an immediate return environment verses a delayed return environment. James talks about how the human brain wasn’t designed to solve problems of a delayed return environment – this is what causes stress. I recommend reading his article here.

Living in a delayed return environment means that we are surrounded by uncertainty and that uncertainty creates stress and anxiety. This is no different for our work lives (will I have a job after this restructure), our personal lives (I want to move closer to my family) or our volunteer lives (I want the club to be better run).

In order to reduce our stress, we often need to change our attitude. We can’t change the circumstances of living in a delayed return environment, but we can create moments of immediate return that will help to change our attitude.

OK, so where am I going with this one? Well, sometimes in life you come across things that you think are awesome and you want to share with everyone. Last weekend I had the opportunity to host Isaak Dury, the CEO of TidyHQ. Isaak shares my passion about sport, but he was also frustrated about the circumstances he was placed in with his football club over 10 years ago. The club committee struggled to organise itself to be effective and the club only had $700 in the bank and didn’t know where it spent its money.

So Isaak, being the person he is, changed his attitude in order to change the circumstance. Rather than being frustrated by the problem that had ‘always just been the way the club was run’, he set about building a solution to the problem.

The result, after 10 years of development is TidyHQ. I believe that this software has the potential to save club treasurers' hours of headaches, club secretarys' will actually see the reward for their efforts and clubs will be able to dedicate the saved time into building the positive sides of the delayed return environment.

So as volunteers on a club committee or paid sports administrators, I challenge you to the following:

  • Instead of believing that the circumstance that causes you the most frustration is just the way it is, change your attitude to say what if there was a solution, what would that look like?
  • Instead of believing that there isn’t a tool out there to fix your problem, recognise that someone else shares your problem too and they are probably working on a solution right now. You just have to find each other.
  • If you can’t find that person (like Isaak) who has already solved your problems for you, then start to build your own solution.

Just by changing your attitude, you will start to live in a world of immediate return. As you work towards a solution you will have small wins. Those small wins will turn into bigger wins and eventually you will have reached what was 10 years previous only a dream of a delayed return!

So what is your biggest worry in your sporting organisation right now? How are you going to change your attitude to change your circumstances?

Disclaimer: TidyHQ does not employ me or pay me. I am just passionate about sport and seeing sport grow. That is why when I find products that I know will help this occur, I am going to sing about them, so you as volunteers and administrators know all about them. I want the product I am writing about to be successful, so that they will be around for a long time. They can then help you be successful. Pretty much the way the world works, be nice to people and they will be nice to you and your friends.

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