15 November, 2018

Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

Why Do Your Customers Buy From You?

If I asked you 'Why do your customers buy from you?' - what would your answer be?

If you’re having difficulty capturing and converting quality leads, have you thought about how your customers emotionally respond to your business? The how and the why behind them buying from you (or not buying from you)?

A transaction is a process. The more you repeat that to yourself, the easier you’ll find it to think about what we’re going to talk about.

First up:

What Are You Commanding?

The two exchanges we make with prospective clients (before cash has even changed hands) are trust and attention.

In this crazy marketing filled world, if you haven’t got their attention, they won’t look further. And if people don’t trust you, they are not going to buy from you.

Are you commanding attention and trust immediately with your customers?

Too often, we go straight for the cash, the 7-day free trial or the enrol in my bootcamp for maximum results approach.

The thing is, that you can talk all you like about the benefits of your program, training style, advantages over your competitors. BUT, the thing you are missing is an emotional connection to your prospective client.

You can easily measure this by looking at how much marketing you have done in 2018 and what the conversion rate into clients was. Low conversion rate = you are not commanding attention and trust.

You see, the easiest thing for your prospective client to do is… NOTHING.

Yep, that’s right, the easiest thing is for them to ignore your boring offer and keep walking. To them, they have saved themselves. Their money is still in their pocket, and they haven’t wasted their time on something they weren’t too sure of.

You need to move them along that buyer’s journey, where doing nothing is what they are likely to do and move them towards understanding that they are better off with you in their life.

So back to commanding those two things.

Attention: You need to hit their emotional hot button. You need to show them that you understand their problems so deeply that they have no choice but to take notice. They’ll think, this business will be able to help me, they have complete understanding. Your customer is now paying attention.

Trust: Now you need to give them a compelling reason to trust you. A 7-day free trial is not going to cut it these days! You need to be providing them more value that just access to your space. Go back to how much you understood their problems. You’re the expert - what value can you provide them to show that you care about their pain points and you’ve got the knowledge and expertise to help.

You are a coach that wants to take people along a journey of transformation. The first part of that journey is getting them to realise that they need to jump with you. This takes effort on your side to truly understand what your prospective clients want so you can grab their attention and then gain their trust.

Focus on commanding that space. View the transaction as a process. Hit those emotional hot buttons.

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