04 September, 2018

Will A New Logo Help Your Business?

Will A New Logo Help Your Business?

A close friend recently decided that she didn’t like the logo for her business. It didn’t represent what her business was about. She wanted to change it, she wanted to feel like she was taking steps to change her business for the better.

But a logo refresh wasn’t the root cause of her problem. She needed to find out what change was required to actually change her business for the better.

We go for the easy things to try and solve, that low hanging fruit. It might make us feel good, it might make us feel like we’re taking the first step towards positive change, but the brave thing to do as a business owner is explore that root cause - that’s where the truly transformational change is found.

Instead of providing her the details of Nadia, the fantastic graphic designer I work with, I asked her to come by and just try one of my coaching sessions.

We sat down together and, in just one session, uncovered that the logo didn’t feel right, but it wasn’t because of the colours or the design of it. It was because of the following:

  • Because she didn’t understand who her target market was.
  • She was trying to be something to everyone and wasn’t clear on the problem she was helping her customers solve.
  • She needed to understand her unique value proposition and turn this into a market dominating position.
  • Her business was competing on price, because she was ultimately being nothing to everyone.

It seems harsh but it was the most positive transformation my friend has felt about her business in years - far more positive than any logo refresh could provide. Discovering what you need to fix, to adjust, to morph, to pivot, in order to grow as a business is THE first step.

I was able to look past what she initially told me, ‘I need a new logo’, to help her get to the reason behind that, ‘something just doesn’t feel right’, and then really drill down and uncover the root problem - she didn’t know who her ideal customer was. The one that gets her out of bed in the morning, the one that she loves to work with and provide solutions for.

I’ve got a new blog post coming out soon about how we worked on finding her ideal customer - join me on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss it. I think it’s really valuable content, even for small business owners who’ve already got quite a bit of clarity on who their customer is.

In the meantime, here’s a link to my free business audit for you to start to get some clarity in your business. The two biggest problems for the majority of business owners is 1. Not enough TIME to work ON the business, and 2. Not enough CUSTOMERS to grow the business.

This worksheet will help give you clarity on what you need to focus on in order to get the success you really want.

Download it here and be on your way to becoming a better business leader.


P.S. If you actually do need a graphic designer, I can’t recommend Nadia enough - find her and her stellar portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/natzjvv

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