Hoggies Netball Club

Coach Education and Mentoring

Development and delivery of a grassroots club coach education and mentoring program.

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The need

To develop a coach education and mentoring program for a grassroots club that supports its coaches across all senior and junior grades.

Project overview

I have been involved with Hoggies Netball Club, a grass roots club in the Darwin Netball League since 2010. For the 2014 season we ran a trial coach education program. The trial was a success and in 2015 we implemented a club wide coach education program. This provided each coach with the one on one mentoring, a weekly coach newsletter and intensive coach education sessions. The program continued to grow in 2016.

The program is designed to support grass roots coaches who often have limited teaching or coaching backgrounds and ensure that they are able to deliver a program for their teams that provides suitable athlete development.

Furthermore the program is designed to retain coaches into the next season, through providing them support to achieve their own goals and satisfy the personal development needs of the coaches.

The coach education program is complemented with junior development activities and has also in the past provided A Grade squad development opportunities and video analysis.

This program is designed in line with the Athletic Performance Framework that I use to develop holistic athlete development programs.

The client and my role

Designing and delivering the coach education and mentoring program for the club, directly to the coaches.

The client and my role

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