Pony Club Association Northern Territory

Governance Reform

Facilitation and guidance on the governance reform of the organisation to ensure they meet contemporary requirements.

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The need

To facilitate the governance reform of an organisation to suit the changing sports environment.

Project overview

In 2014 the Pony Club of Northern Territory, following a recommendation by the Department of Sport and Recreation, approached me. They required assistance in the development of a strategic plan. I facilitated a strategic planning process and developed a plan that enabled them to have clear direction on the tasks most important for their Committee to action.

We identified that the organisation needed some governance reform as the current structure was inhibiting effective operation of the Committee. I supported PCANT through the process, providing assistance to rewrite their constitution, communicate with members and hold their Special General Meeting to bring in the changes required.

The new PCANT Committee re-engaged me to continue with ongoing strategic and operational support, acting as a consultant and mentor to ensure that the organisation continues to develop and achieve.

As a result of the governance reform and strategic work we did, I was able to assist PCANT with a business case to the Department of Sport and Recreation to increase their Government grant funding. They have subsequently been successful for financial year 2016/17 with a 50% increase in their funding.

The client and my role

Working with the PCANT Committee and Members to review and reform the governance structure of the organisation as the Lead Consultant. 

Paul delivered his services always on time and in consideration of our volunteer restraints by providing after hours and/or weekend support for us. Paul exceeded our expectations with his impressive knowledge of sporting strategic requirements. PCANT would recommend any other association to utilise Paul Mead services to assist achieving your group’s goals. Warren Mudge, Chairperson, PCANT

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