State Sporting Organisations

Participation Strategy Development

The development of whole of sport participation strategies.

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The need

To develop participation strategies for Peak Sporting Bodies, in order to develop a whole of sport pathway with clear resource allocation. 

Project overview

I have developed participation and engagement strategies for Swimming NT, Pedals NT and Squash NT. These have been driven by my participation pathway framework, which is further informed by National research.

These strategies have required me to engage with the senior leadership of the sport at a Territory and National level to understand the resource, financial and infrastructure capabilities. A clear understanding of the NSO direction has also been required to ensure links are made and efficiencies are found between the NSO and NT Peak Bodies.

Each of these strategies has provided clear direction to the Executive Officer’s and their staff to ensure that they are meeting the strategic intent of their Boards. 

I have written a number of blogs that explain the process in more detail.

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