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Sport Voucher Program Implementation

Development and implementation of the Sport Voucher program.

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The need

To develop an election promise into reality, being the development of a sport voucher program for every child in the Northern Territory.

Project overview

As a contracted employee of the Northern Territory Department of Sport and Recreation, I was given the task of project managing the NT Government’s election promise of a $75 Sport Voucher for each child in the NT, to fruition in 2013.

This required significant consultation with the sport and education community around the NT and required the following key tasks to be completed:

  • The design and implementation of the policies and procedures for the scheme for urban and remote areas;
  • The engagement of a contractor to develop the software to manage the system;
  • The final rollout of over 40,000 vouchers across urban and remote areas of the NT.
  • The recruitment of program staff.

This whole process was completed within a four-month period. The annual budget for the program was $4M in 2013. 

The client and my role

As a contracted employee of the NT Department of Sport and Recreation, to develop and implement the Sport Voucher Program.

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