Mount Gambier Cycling Club Strategic Plan

Mt Gambier Cycling Club Strategic Plan

Mt Gambier Cycling Club is in the process of renewing its strategic direction to ensure that it continues to deliver value for its members and the sport grows in Mt Gambier. The club has engaged me (Paul Mead) to facilitate the process of reviewing the current environment and developing this renewed plan.

The Mt Gambier Cycling Club Committee recognises that for the sport to be successful, we need to engage with those who ride, whether that be for competition or recreation. We recognise that our participants need to see value in the products we offer and the service we provide.

We would value your time to provide comments in the below survey. If you are filling this out as a parent, please provide your child’s demographic details in the survey.

Mount Gambier Cycling Club Strategic Plan

Members Survey

As part of the strategic planning process, the Mt Gambier Cycling Club Committee would like your feedback. This will ensure that you can contribute to the future direction of the sport in Mt Gambier.

Participation Pathway

Our exposure to sport begins at an early age. These foundations of movement and play based learning, combined with the fundamental sport skills provide us with the necessary skills to realise our talent and maintain an active lifestyle.

The way in which we participate in sport varies from person to person. Those with the talent reach representational honours in the sport pathway, whereas others enjoy the competition of sport. While some are in it for the active lifestyle aspects that sport provides.

An overview of the general sport pathway and the items that underpin this pathway is provided below.

Participation Pathway

Sport Pathway

This pathway is like a funnel, in that you need a large number of people at the top of the funnel in order to produce the relatively few talented stars at the bottom.

The different bodies within sport and cycling, are responsible for developing and delivering different parts of the pathway. The role (as per its constitution) of Mt Gambier is to promote the sport of cycling, through education, training and encouragement of members and prospective members. An alignment of strategic purpose with Cycling South Australia and Cycling Australia is important to ensure correct pathways within the sport are delivered and to maximize the efficiency of resources.

Sport Pathway

Cycling Australia and Cycling SA Strategic Plans

Cycling Australia recently released their new strategic platform. This provides important background to the strategic environment and direction for the sport.

Cycling South Australia's strategic plan was issued in 2014.

A message from the Mount Gambier Cycling Club President

This strategic planning process is essential to enable continued growth of the sport in Mount Gambier. The Cycling Club has a proud history of delivering the sport to our community. As a committee we want to honour that history and ensure that we build the club through a clear strategic plan. The changes to the environment we operate in, the way in which our community participates in sport and the time poor nature of our members and volunteers mean we need to ensure that we are strategically responsive. Through this strategic planning process we want to engage current and past members who are passionate about the sport and want to see the sport and the club be successful in Mt Gambier. Your support and feedback is highly valued and I thank you for your time and input. Dean Zeven, Club President

The Process

The members survey is open until  Wednesday 10 August.

A strategic planning workshop will be held on Saturday 13 August. Invitations will be sent to members and other key stakeholders.

A draft strategic plan for member comment will be available by the end of September.

Contact Me

If you have any other comments or questions in regards to the planning process, then please email me directly at [email protected]

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