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Be less stressed and build stronger young athletes

I believe that sport is central to who we are as a community, as a country. But the way in which our population participates in sport and recreation activities is changing, fast.

Sadly we haven’t changed the way we support our club coaches since the 90’s. As a result they are more stressed due to the pressures placed on them by parents and National Sporting Organisations. This means we lack the retention of our coaches reducing our ability to produce great athletes.

We help coaches be less stressed, more supported and build their knowledge in how to build strong, robust young athletes.

What we offer ...

  • An online academy that supports our grassroots volunteers and coaches through structured learning, expert knowledge and best practice guides to build stronger clubs and athletes.
  • Personal coaching to support our coaches build their personal coaching practices.
  • Consultancy services to help tackle those challenging issues and develop performance programs.

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